Turns out Friday the 13th doesn't bother me at all

It's just a day. A not completely unordinary Friday. I remembered the date and realized that not only does the superstition surrounding Friday the 13th not hold any genuinely negative vibes for me, but that today in particular feels more than a little right. It's nothing earthshattering. Ordinary elements, really. Good ones, though. Such as:

  • Starting to feel my life is moving in the right direction after feeling otherwise for far-too-long,
  • Anything I could ever want to begin researching, right here at my fingertips on the internet,
  • Dappled light through the window, dancing on my coffee mug,
  • The coffee in that mug,
  • Playing music as loudly as I like while I work from home,
  • Taking a personal telephone call whenever I'd like a break with no worry of someone looking over my shoulder,
  • Recalling, specifically, that lovely phone chat with my parents yesterday, both of them on speaker phone, very "our family" and comfy in spite of our unspectacular conversational topics,

So yea, there are lots of things to be superstitious about. I'm sure I have my own although at this moment of writing I can't recall a single one. But a Friday that happens to show up in the thirteen box on my calendar? Nah. Not the tiniest little bit of superstition there, turns out.

Good thing, too... According to that Wikipedia page I just peeked at? We're gonna' get 3 of 'em in 2009!