Design AND photography satisfaction: festival bracelets are back!

Do you wear bracelets much? I went through a phase of designing these great, grand fun pieces that got labeled "festival bracelets." A lot of people loved 'em. The originals (read more here) are long gone to their happy homes and I hadn't had the urge to make any new ones for a long time. Scratch that. I'd had the urge, but the pull wasn't strong enough to steer me away from my other projects.

Today I finished the one I recently began. So many of the beads of this one were added, removed, re-added, switched, and finally approved. Can't tell you why the pressure. After all, it's just a seemingly-random assortment of beads that don't even have to match each other! Right? Turns out, not so random after all. I take a lot of time deciding what works and what doesn't. Can't always define it, but I know it when I see it.

105053-1638541-thumbnail.jpgNot only am I happy with this first one, I also kinda' enjoyed the process of photographing it, too! Especially after yesterday's photographic irritation.

So yea. Now my Etsy Shop - with it's slowly-growing inventory - now has a bracelet. A festival one!