What an odd time for learning lessons about glaze application!

mwscreenshotwitharrowtonecklace.jpgSee that necklace up there in the corner of my header graphic? The second one from the right? The one that's peeking out from between two other similarly-colored, creamy pendants that have copper wire adorning them? At this moment, pretty as it is, I hate that necklace.

I've been trying to get a good photo of this piece for, oh, about ever now. And today I thought I'd finally just jump in and tackle it again, and do it right, once and for all. I've shot it and reshot it and shot it again.

Here's the problem. It's got a very lovely texture. I imprinted it with some of the polymer stamps I make for that very purpose - altering the surface of clay so they'll be distinctive and uniqe. But this time, apparently, I failed to make some of the imprints quite deep enough. I mean, they're lovely in person, but not so much in a photograph. I blame the glaze. Some glazes show more contrast than this one. Some glazes show you texture and depth and possess intense, vivid... hm... Presence! But this one? It simply does not photograph well. At least not when it's been applied to white clay.

There was trouble shooting the other pieces that feature this glaze, too, but I let it go. They had other things "going on," that rendered well enough in the photos that it wasn't worth the struggle. Copper wire, for example! It shows up without causing any trouble whatsoever in a photo! I gotta' tell you... this is not something I wanted to spend quite so much time on.

But don't think I'll soon forget this lesson. Next time I'm setting up to glaze, there's no way I'll even consider using this glaze unless the piece has some serious, honkin' DEEP imprints. (Well, or no texture at all.) That's all. Rant over. Time to go look at the latest series of photos. Surely ONE will have turned out?! Wish me luck!