All those names in the hat

So yes, last night just over 24 hours ago, I did indeed have my little Etsy Grand Opening Celebration Drawing. Only I don't think you'd call it "grand" exactly. Nonetheless, I wrote down all the names (all 42 of 'em!) of people who had sent in their interest in being in the drawing, then I cut 'em all apart, and I put them in a... bowl. Yea, little glass bowl. Didn't really have a hat.

Congratulations to Jeanette! My winner has been contacted and was happy to know her name had been chosen. It took me all day to get this post up here, but I wanted to say thanks to everyone who submitted your names and asked to be on my mailing list. I'd love to tell you, too, that all the inventory I've set aside for the shop will be online by tomorrow, but if today was any indication, then I can just tell ya' it's not gonna' happen. But I'm still learning lots of neat things about Etsy, and I have plenty more to share so check back sometime and see what new items have been uploaded for your perusal.

And? One day - I'd love to say soon, but yea...One Day I'll have a nice block of time to start working on some brand new designs. I've got some ideas...