Where's Waldo: The accessory version

A friend emailed a photo to me this morning, with a note asking if I could see "my" earring in the shot. The first image you'll see below shows what first came up on my screen, leading me to just scroll around and peek at all the people. Thinking, for a moment, "Well it's a little odd someone would accessorize so thoroughly when they run 26 miles, but if you say it's there...!"

I couldn't find it.

Friend was patient. She prodded just a smidge more. "You're joking about not seeing the earring, right?" So I revisited the shot - in a program where I could view the photo in its entirety.

Nifty, eh?! Running a marathon is so beyond me. (But not Dena! - totally different circle of friends, I just had to give props to my bud. Check out her story here.) I'm happy, however, to do what I can to help dress the crowd!