Saving Grace - An Ugly Mug Coffee

Clever packaging gets me every time. I think it was Cindi who said, sometime in our early twenties, "You are such a marketer's dream." She was right of course; it's still true. I prefer to think now that my likelihood to succumb to the marketing gimmicks has become more refined in the years since. More sophisticated and aware. Evidence here suggests maybe not so much.


So this is what I bought:

Saving Grace: Balanced Roast
Origins: Peru / Guatemala

And I bought it because the Ugly Mug Coffee Co. caught my attention. I wish I could tell you I was specifically looking for "fair trade" coffee, or something produced with a specific standard. I wasn't. I just needed coffee and like to try something new. I read the bag and laughed aloud. And immediately liked them. "Them" being, in the fantasy within my "marketer's dream" mind: the whole company, everyone who has anything to do with bringing this coffee to The Fresh Market where I would stumble upon it, all piled high in that wooden barrel by my knee as I meandered along the angled aisle.  "Them" actually being the marketing dude who wrote these catchy words... put out the clever pitch.

But now I've been to their website too and was not disappointed to find that their packaging extends to the 'net, too. (Translation: I dig their website.) And? They provide information. Useful information: about fair trade and sustainability, about organically grown coffee, about the origins of the beans, and about coffee care. So I don't know. Maybe it's a necessary "evil" the companies have to address. Make it sexy and catchy (whatever that means at any given time, an ever-moving target,) and then give 'em your message - and sell 'em your product.

It's a lot of thinking for an cup of coffee on an ordinary Thursday morning. But it's quite a cup. You might like it too.