Online Shop Grand Opening Delayed a Week!


In the time it took me to write my first draft of this blog post, I have made a fabulous decision. While writing, I realized I'm going to have to postpone my shop opening one week. That's right! I'm NOT going to open my shop on June 1. I know, I said I was. Then I took on a little more than I could keep up with this past week, and if something as arbitrary as This Sunday Instead Of, Oh, Next Sunday is causing me this much nervousness, maybe it's time to alleviate some of the stress. With completely unrelated projects moving along and gearing up, my progress just kept faltering. Apparently I need an extra week.

SO the official announcement: Grand Opening of Melody's shop: Sunday, June 8, instead of this weekend. Aah! Look at that! Me...breathing easy already!

Nothing else has changed. If you already put your name "in the hat," you're still in the drawing. (Thanks ya'll! It's been fun to see the submissions trickling in!) It'll just be at midnight on June 8, instead of this weekend.  

Meanwhile, here's an interesting lesson I've learned these past couple of weeks: practice really does make perfect. Or "better" if not perfect. Just like our mamas said! (Thanks Mom!) What I mean by that is that with each subsequent photo shoot - and by now I've lost count - the results are more and more pleasing. Yea, I know I've gotta' let go soon and just let it be...the photos don't have to be perfection. But something I realized tonight was that as I worked toward better organizing the shots I'm using in my shop, the older ones are remarkably substandard in contrast to the newer ones. Go figure.

Thanks for your kind words of encouragement; it's been great to get the nice notes along the way.

Stay tuned for more soon!