Photo yuk

This is me sittin' here with my bottom lip out. Next time a photographer gives you a price list and you feel your eyes growing huge and that internal bristling begin, just go ahead and shut up. Squelch the urge and get over the prices. If they're worth it, you're prolly gonna' pay more than you initially feel comfy with. But you'll love your photos in the end.

I just spent a honkin' pile of time shooting another series of necklaces on the new forms I bought last week so I can provide customers with a more accurate sense of how they look while being worn. I wish I were sitting here telling you I love these shots. This is not that blog post.

Maybe eating something (y'know - like dinner,) will be in order, then I can set up and go through the whole business again. Yay.

This is me refusing to give up. :) Cheers ya'll!