Freelancer style holiday & a little stream o' consciousness

Since working from home makes it possible to actually forget it's a holiday, I woke sometime between 6 and 7. Feeling good  - lucky to live the life I live and intrigued at all the possibility. Starting to formulate the plan that will become my day.

An hour later, I look up from my laptop and notice the clock and am surprised. Gotta' make my way to a 9:30 meeting which won't be that difficult if I hold on to the focus of this minute. Except... I've been caught up in a world of possibility. And it boggles my mind.

It's well-known that I revel in using Squarespace to manage my website. It's perhaps less well-known that I use perhaps 1/28th of the resources that this remarkable service offers me. Sitting here reading some Squarespace developer forum discussions this morning has gotten me all hepped up on "what could be." I get a little giddy at what there is to test. Wondering when would be the time for that?

Full stop.

See that little fork in the road up there? Shift to the left just a smidge, and you'll head off back down the trail toward a new online shop, opening a week from now. Because I like to keep things interesting. This evening I'm shooting the remainder of the photos that I need to flesh out what I started that day I shot in the front yard. The ones that led me off on a trip through MannequinLand. Then I'll start writing, in earnest this time, my descriptions of each piece to be featured in my June 1 Grand Opening.


My meeting at 9:30? Neither about web projects nor jewelry design. Instead, my client and I are working on a design and layout project for an actual printed item. Something both our hectic schedules put on the back burner a while back. We're both just now ready to revisit it. Although come to think of it, there was some talk about another small project-oriented website. So it's not out of the question that it'll come up again, too. Three hours have been allotted for this session.


Backpedaling to now, before I head off to that meeting. Before I make a pot of coffee, even. I need to respond to an email from a new client. Should have written to her yesterday.


For about 2 hours this afternoon, I have a date with my very favorite 2 year old in the history of ever. He doesn't know this, but I'm thinking I'll take him to a park. Where he can swing and run and get his yayas out. I haven't seen him in over a week and that's just wrong. Yesterday on the phone, I heard his voice and realized how rapidly his vocabulary is expanding. He jabbers deliciously. And sometimes I even understand what he's saying. More and more. Cannot wait to get one of his bigoldkisses today.


Finally, am wondering if I'll get the opportunity for the tiniest bit of flirting, somewhere amidst the rest. Sure hope so. What would a holiday be without that?