About those mannequins

105053-1594936-thumbnail.jpgSo when last it was mentioned, I was traipsing off to see about buying me a looking to see what this town had to offer by way of a mannequin I might photograph wearing my necklaces. I was not disappointed.

I naturally headed straight over to A&B Store Fixtures, because I've never been disappointed in their offerings. Whereas the other times I've shopped there I was looking for filing cabinets and display materials and jewelry carrying cases, this time their mannequins were the draw.

Although I immediately saw a couple of clusters of items that would have offered me plenty of food for thought, I was pointed upstairs for the real search. Before Thursday, I'd never even noticed that there was an upsairs area. But lo and behold, on this little attic balcony area, I found The Land Of Mannequins. And immediately knew two things:

  1. 105053-1594942-thumbnail.jpgI was certainly not going home with a mannequin that day, That would have been complete overkill.
  2. I was most definitely going to get some photos and show you how creepy/cool that little world was as I walked among them all by myself.

Remember the movie? Okay, I didn't have any odd mannequin-comes-to-life sightings, but there really is an eerie feeling that you're being watched when you walk around a whole cluster of these things.

105053-1594941-thumbnail.jpg I guess I should tell you what I actually did buy, eh? I think they're called "forms." I got two of them - solid black and solid white. They hang on hooks, and can display anything from the neck down through the torso. I guess in some ways that was also overkill, considering I really only need a good neck. The neck stands I found, though - including all the ones I already have - just don't provide quite enough of "the real thing." There's something about the presence of a collarbone beneath the neck, followed by a gentle swell of breast that seems most ideal for presenting this style of necklace in its most true-to-life setting. So I now have my new non-mannequins and everybody's happy.

Hm. I guess I'll get back to that whole photography project soon. I'll have to practice to get the right lighting setup - you can see from these tests that I have a bit more work to do before they'll be just right. But soon!

Wanna' see the rest of the mannequin photos? Enjoy!