Mannequin shopping? Maybe not, but then again...

105053-1589478-thumbnail.jpgSo I'm wondering if it'd be overkill to buy a used mannequin. Sitting here working on this not-insubstantial body of necklace photos for my Etsy shop, I've realized that one style in particular will make a whole lot more sense if photographed in context. Which is to say: Around An Actual Person's Neck.

The problem of course, with deciding to photograph your work on people is that then you have to find the right person or people, then schedule a time to shoot, then another time, and another... as more and more pieces are designed. Just like I needed to have an actual camera at my fingertips, and various presentation props, I've discovered it's best to have what you need on hand at all times, so that you can be spontaneous with your shooting.

So do I want to own my own mannequin? (Well of course I do, 'cause that'd just be way cool. I know it would because this kid my sister hung out with in high school had one and he was always using it to fun ends, including putting it out at the mailbox to herald the party's start, and so forth. Too bad I don't know how to get in touch with that guy now, eh?)

But in all seriousness, I think I might. So many questions surrounding what you'd think of as a simple decision:

  • What kind of cost are we looking at here? (I've been to this site to start some research, but had to get off there fast or an hour would pass and I wouldn't ever have noticed! Who knew there were so many choices???)
  • Would I buy an actual full mannequin or just one from the waist up? (Of course I don't need the whole thing, but I suspect sometimes it comes down to what's available, particularly when you're buying used. And locally, which I would totally do.)
  • Do I really need one with a face or just a torso without arms or head?
  • I think it would be better to have one with enough body parts intact that I could put real clothes on "her" so as to really reflect how my pieces look when worn with clothes.

Wow. In the middle of writing this, it occurred to me that I should look for a website for the actual place I was pretty sure I'd buy one, if I decide to go that route. A&B Store Fixtures is one of the coolest, handiest places I know, for people who sell things to other people. Turns out they do, indeedie, have mannequins. Check it out!

Now I'm trying to decide if I want to table this question, or go ahead and check out the offerings, so I can proceed with more shooting if I do get one. Breathe. It wasn't on the "to do list" when I started this day. Guess I'll keep ya posted!