Insomnia & alarm clock revolt: but let me tell you the happy stuff too!

Dear reader, I'm running so far behind there's no good reason for me to think it wise to sit and blog (for you, of course, I do this for you,) before I rush to the shower. Yet here I sit. Somebody has to know of my pain. AND of my happiness.

4:26am, I remember it was. As if it were mere hours ago, it's so clear to me. I woke, for no reason, and then...? Nothing. I lay there solving all my problems, all the world's problems, planning my day, my week, my life, for goodness sake... and still nothing. I couldn't sleep. Until perhaps 6 or later, I want to say.

Then? At 7, the alarm started to go off. I hit snooze. Naturally. Because? During that extra hour and a half of life-solving-thoughts I discovered that the class I'm teaching today starts at 9:30 rather than 9. (Some people use calendars. Me? Sometimes I forget to look.) And I snoozed again. And again. Because the anti-nap in the middle of the night: it makes me sleepy at alarm time.

Have I ever told you that if I hit the snooze button on my mobile phone's alarm clock accessory that it eventually decides "She's joking anyway," and turns itself off? Yea, I'd forgotten too.

So at 8:13 I heard something. Thank you little birdie. I knew immediately what had happened. Oh yay.

Now. Here's what's good about my day, regardless of the rushing. First, it's my day. I have a happy life so whatever. I'm happy. But here's more. I had my highlights altered last night so they'd be less brassy. Okay, good for me, right? No. And after she made my hair all pretty, she washed it and made it all shiny and straight. And it's still beeeooootiful. Which means I don't have to wash or do much styling, either, this morning. That'll cut a whole honkin' chunk out of my morning's routine.

Next. I got the ram in my computer doubled yesterday. Which means when I sat down here to boot up my laptop, it actually jumped to action at my mere touch. Just think, when I finish backing up all these photos that have been slowing everything seriously efficient my work is going to be. (Yea, I've used up most of my gigs just storing photo after magnificent photo - largely of Mr. Pie and my jewelry. Gotta' stop handling it that way. And I will too!)

Plus? When I finish writing this, the coffee will be ready.

Eek. But I still have to drive to the other end of town with a pile of jewelry supplies I haven't 100% confirmed are ready for my class. So perhaps I'll wish you that very fine day now, and say ta ta. Breathe. I'm going to be on time. I feel it! Hope your day IS fine!  

PS: Carolyn, I had the weirdest dream ever about you last night. I just remembered that. Not sure you'll read this, but if you do...