College, senior center, breakfast committee meeting: Never bored.

From my schedule this week. Thought I'd keep me on my toes and schedule a smidge o'variety. These items are most noteworthy because they're the main tasks that stand between me and the rolling out of my Etsy shop. Which is why my "Grand Opening" isn't until June 1. Clever, clever girl, how I padded things accordingly. Because I like you, I'll leave out the other 76 items that will occur between the lines:

  • Today, shortly: returning to the school where I'm not really working anymore, but where I did work for the past year, to finish up all manner of things I didn't leave time for when I declared my last day. Which observant readers will recall was more than a week ago. Looking forward to seeing all those I've been missing since I resumed freelancing. But hope I've given myself enough time to fit in everything I'm planning to do. Not 100% hopeful.
  • Tomorrow: returning to the senior center where I sometimes teach beading classes to a group of 10-12 ladies. (Fun post written after a recent class.) It's been a while. We always have fun and I'm always exhausted when I leave. Worth it, though.
  • Eek. Recently bought a honkin' pile of supplies. For me and for them. Never finished organizing the beads I bought for "my ladies." Just remembered this. Guess I'll be working on that later today. Um. After I get my highlights touched up. After I finish the work at the college. Sleep? We don't need no stinkin' sleep!
  • Friday: 7:30 breakfast meeting with committee from a non-profit group for whom I'm working on a Squarespace website. That tiny little detail of 7:30am? I'm ignoring that for now.

Have to stop. Just realized I was holding my breath. ;) Better get on it, then.

Happy Tuesday to you!