Questions to ask and answer: ProBlogger book

105053-1574121-thumbnail.jpgClearly intending to get a laugh, the friend with whom I shared the ProBlogger book at lunch the other day emailed me these lines: 

"So, have you struck it rich yet?  Or does your book say how long it actually takes to make that 6 figure income?"

All joking aside, her questions reminded me that regular readers who saw my first post on this topic may also have a question or two. Such as:

  • Why am I reading this book? (The long answer is evolving. Read on.)
  • What do I hope to get from it? (Also evolving.)
  • Do I really think I'm going to "get rich" blogging? (No. I believe, however, that the book will provide many valuable tools on making my blog(s) more effective income streams, both direct and indirect.)

Turns out these aren't entirely different from questions posed within the book itself. Questions meant to help bloggers better understand and sharpen our goals about blogging in general. Gotta' know why we do it first, before we can decide if and how to use a blog to generate income, right?

Also turns out my experience of the book has new layers I wasn't necessarily expecting! 

So here's what I'm thinking right now:

105053-1574134-thumbnail.jpgAs I've shared somewhat in my "about" page, my blog  helps me to:

  • enhance my writing skills,
  • connect with like-minded people (ones I already know and don't know,)
  • explore Squarespace, which has been a phenomenal discovery for me,
  • work out how I feel about [fill in the blank with scads of topics including:
    • creativity,
    • ADD,
    • finding professional contentment,
    • designing jewelry with atypical materials like clay,
    • writing,
    • life,
    • auntie-hood,
    • etc...],
  • share the process as I become a better jewelry designer,
  • and amuse myself.

I've also increasingly realized that I want to use my blog as a way to market my jewelry designs online. Something you might think I would have given far more serious thought to, long ago, but my process tends to be circuitous, to say the least.

Whereas these pieces have provided a great opportunity for a glorified hobby over the past few years, I'm more convinced than ever that I should be pursuing this as more than a "side gig." Having learned some things about online promotion over the years, it occurs to me that it's time to "use the net" more effectively than I have, to that end. Blogging is an ideal way to refine those skills! And so in this regard my blogging will become more and more about marketing my own products. Reading this book is helping me to refine my already-existing questions. You might say I found it at the perfect time.

105053-1574138-thumbnail.jpgThere are other topics to address - consider, refine, revise - concerning how I use my blog and the part that blog plays in achieving my evolving career goals. It seems to me that this book could become a bit of a workbook in my ongoing contemplation of this site's direction. So it's possible I'll be writing more about it here as I delve more deeply into the book.

Stay tuned!

Little side note about the additional photos:
When friends saw my first post about this book, along with the picture, they wanted to get in on the fun. Although neither are bloggers, they both appreciate a good book...which led to their wanting to share the love with All God's Children!  The book just keeps on giving...