Etsy Shop Pre-Launch Announcement

Want to get in on a little Free Giveaway Action? Well, how excellent. Your timing could not be better! At long last, I've set the date for my Etsy Shop Grand Opening: June 1 June 8. And in order to help create a little smidge-o-buzz, I've decided to hold a drawing on the date of the Official Shop Opening, and give away an item from the shop.

etsyshoplaunchgraphic2d.jpgBut not just any old item I choose. Instead, I decided to let the winner select Any Item In The Store as the prize drawing. If that means a $25 pair of earrings, so be it. If that means an $85 necklace...well, that's up for grabs, too! Some of the items seen in my latest galleries here will be included in the Etsy inventory, but I've been busy so you'll find many of these pieces and far more, too!

So here are the details:

  • When? June 8, 2008  Midnight 11:55pm, EST
  • Where? Right here at
  • Why? Publicity, of course! And the fun of seeing how this little experiment evolves. And the enjoyment of sharing a little happy with someone when they win the prize!
  • Who? You? MayBe!!!
  • How? Simple. Just click here to submit your entry (link removed) via a secure online email form. One entry per person. Give me your name and contact information, and also please tell me if you'd like to be added to my mailing list for notification of future such events.

I'm setting up a new tag/category called Etsy Shop Launch Fun and you can check back and read the updates on my progress toward finally having an Etsy Shop.

And if you want to tell your friends and neighbors? That'd be swell, too!