It's a front yard...AND it's a photo studio!

105053-1561607-thumbnail.jpgFinally creeping toward Etsy Shop Reality, I set up my photo studio in the front yard today and worked my patootie off for several hours. So I can have a variety of images of each piece I'll put in my shop, on different backgrounds and from different angles. Then? When I had what turned out to be 350 shots, (it always sounds like overkill but just think of the time I saved by not having to set up the same shoot again because too many of the photos didn't - hypothetically, of course - turn out as hoped!) I came inside and started selecting, cropping, rotating and resizing.

And I'm still not finished.

But the work was good, in spite of the fact that I continued with it quite literally until about 10 minutes ago when I realized my eyes were about to cross from looking at a computer screen for so long. (So naturally I turned to my blog because that makes perfect sense!) The trickiest part was waiting for the sun to peek back out from behind the clouds where it kept hiding. And using that little hand-held broom thingie to brush things off the stones and displays long enough to get a clean shot. But I was prepared, babies...

105053-1561613-thumbnail.jpgThought I'd throw out a fun shot of my little work station on the little garden wall (please note we've had some serious storms lately; no judging the lawn care. Not that any of my readers would be thusly inclined,) and a shot I kinda' liked. Not, as it turns out, in that order. Psychotic.

And tomorrow? Well, more cropping, rotating and resizing! Of course. And maybe some description writing. Although I have lunch plans then back to the part-time job I was supposed to have quit by now but didn't finish up on Friday and so have to return to finish organizing those files so the person who follows me won't throw curses and damnation my way...

Which is to say I don't know when I'll be returning to these shots. But soon, okay? Thank you. Good night. 

Oh. Not quite yet. PS. I got much better photos of those pieces I posted in yesterday's blog entry. Not that I have the energy to switch them out now, and maybe I won't anyway, come to think of it. Considering blog post authenticity and all that...  Okay. Now. Saying goodnight and farewell and etc. Shouldn't you be in bed already?