Here are the two necklaces I made today

105053-1558551-thumbnail.jpgThis is nearly the only kind of necklace I've been designing these past few weeks. Have made quite a few of them, in fact, although today is the first time it occurred to me quite so urgently: "Hey! Maybe people who visit my website might like to see these!" Of course I would be inclined to photograph them on natural wood on one of the very days the rain was coming down in sheets. Never mind those trivial matters. The rain had mostly stopped and I went outside and lay them on the wet deck and shot them quickly before the rain returned.

These pieces are all approximately 44-46 inches long and include a remarkable array of semi-precious stones of all shapes and sizes, and glass and bone and wood and shell. And they don't have clasps. Don't need clasps, see! 'Cause you wrap them around your neck and tie them off rather like a jaunty scarf. Very much fun. Everyone who already has one of these - myself included -  wears it Quite A Lot. I say this because sometimes I've had the awkward discovery that I've chosen to wear my own necklace like this when I'm going out and run into someone also wearing the one they bought from me. And although they're all one-of-a-kind, using a glorious variety of different beads? Yea, when you're sitting beside someone wearing an artisan beaded necklace from the same series, it's hard not to recall those days in middle school when your friend, Chris, called you on the phone and said "Hey, let's wear our lavendar dresses and Candie's sandals to school tomorrow! And part our hair in the middle." (Our hair that had remarkably identical Dorothy Hamill wedge cuts.)

105053-1558553-thumbnail.jpgI guess if you design something and your biggest complaint is that People Who Buy Them Cannot Resist Wearing Them Almost Every Day, you're prolly doing something right, eh? You'll hear no complaints from me.

Until my store is up and ready for your online purchases, just email me if you want one, and I'll send you photos of the others from which you can choose. And you'll thank me later; rarely will you purchase a necklace that goes with so many different things.