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layeredamoebanecklace.jpgIt's That Day.

That day when my typically-speedy brain goes into serious overdrive and I have to give in and just go with the flow. If you don't have ADD but you love someone who does and want to better feel compassion for how truly she isn't trying to annoy you, honestly she promises, consider this: you can take a little break from her brain any old time you want. She, on the other hand, cannot. I'm not complaining. Truly. Just thought it was time for you "ordinary thought process types" to have a slice-o-life of My People.

If I accomplish "stuff on lists" today, yay. Good for me. If not, chances are I'll come out on the other end with lots of new, fresh ideas in my brain, and some smiley memories. Exhausted? Sure. But not altogether disappointed, either. I have no idea what I'm going to be doing today.

The minute I woke my brain announced It Was That Day. Ever since, the journey I've been on has largely happened right here, sitting in this chair with Firefox providing me - wait - one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine - plus the 3 I just closed - tabs so I can quick toggle back and forth between different websites. Wanted to look at some other creative websites. I love mine, but there's far more I need to be doing with it. Way More. And the whole marketing business? How The World Wide Web has all the tools necessary to market your stuff if you'll just use 'em. More thoughts on how Facebook and twitter and Etsy (Etsy where I didn't actually create a real store yet, but will do any day now,) and other Web 2.0 communities are useful and necessary to help spread the word about your products.

Somehow a link on twitter led me to a new site I've never visited before: Trunkt: The Premier Directory of Creative Entrepreneurs. Glorious, beautiful, comprehensive, appealing. So I quickly bookmarked it using and started browsing  clicking on pretty pictures. Which led me to explore some really amazing websites of some really talented artists. One of the pictures made me giggle aloud which was naturally accompanied by a need to know more. Which led me to this Etsy store: sighfoo where I fell madly in love with this Layered Amoeba Necklace. And some other similar ones, too. I paused to think of my mom, (Happy Mother's Day Mom!!!) and how she told us all about amoebas when we were children and she was back in college, taking a biology class and we thought that stuff was so cool and weird and she made science sound so fascinating to her little brood.

I tried some lampworking with a friend a few times and it was way fun. But I didn't make anything remotely like this. BUT do you see the silver beads in her necklace? I have been thinking to try some beads of my own (which, in my mind, always looked a lot like these!) using PMC and/or Art Clay Silver, which alert readers will perhaps recall did NOT go very well last time, but hope springs eternal. I know just where a freshly unopened pack is and could try it today if I decided to.  

But it was quiet in the room so I opened up Pandora and started listening to the channel from yesterday: Beth Hart, whose strong voice always makes me happy. And that led to a Melissa Etheridge tune I didn't know which I had to download Right This Very Minute from iTunes. And now I own it so I can listen to it any old time I want.

Somewhere along the way I stumbled across this blog post The Semi-Myth of High Thread Count and I'm going to finish reading it, too, 'cause I'm way curious and the beginning was well-written. But first I had to make - then later pour - more coffee. At which time my brain took a nostalgic side-road through the recalled apartment of a friend of a friend who'd done her bedroom up in those once uber-popular color combos of blue and yellow and how she was the first person (this was about 15 years ago, or more,) I ever heard stress quite so strongly How Very Important A High Thread Count was. It was a pretty room and I don't actually know what happened to this person. But her name was Penny, which was also the name given to the still in-utero baby by a main character of the novel I finished reading yesterday. Which means that now I can go back and finish reading one of the 4 books I had going when I started reading it, including Blink (yes, I forgot about it for a while, in spite of how much I was enjoying it - it got "lost" in a shoulder bag when I returned from house-sitting,) which I'm nearly finished with, or maybe I can start on the advance reader copy of the new David Sedaris book, When You Are Engulfed In Flames, that My Personal Book Hookup gave me a couple weeks ago. Which I really want to read, but maybe not until I finish at least one of the others, first.

Another discovery: Turns out I don't actually like the sound of The Pretenders. Is that horrid to admit? I never actually have, but today it was reinforced for me. So you know.

Yesterday I started making a new necklace that was mostly wonderful but which, I must admit, might not quite work, but I'm just going to finish it and see how I like it when it's through. Then maybe I'll shoot a photo and let you see what you think.

105053-1558093-thumbnail.jpgThe photo over here? This was taken on the deck yesterday when I could not stand to sit in here one more minute during this amazing weather, but I still needed/wanted to work, so I loaded up the portable version of some of my supplies and went outside to work. After which I stopped before I was finished and got ready to go hear a band play with some of my girlfriends, but first we went for a lovely dinner of Asian food, which turned out to be a very good thing. Afterward when we got to the venue discovered that they'd actually played the night before and those who were playing last night were not to our liking At This Time so they gave our money back and we came back here. And me? I'm the dork who misread the website and told everybody these guys were playing. Fortunately my friends didn't care nearly as much as I did.

It's not noon yet but I'm starting to feel a wee bit tired. Should I maybe make a list after all? First item would read: Don't forget to actually do your laundry today. Who forgets to do their laundry? I ask you...

I like to take the weekends off from this particular extracurricular substance but maybe there's some Adderall in my future, after all. Like soon...