Giddy Squarespace evangelist (customer)

My awe with Squarespace - the "little" publishing system discovery that's made the process so awesome for me to develop and maintain this website - keeps expanding. For the past 3 1/2 years I've been increasingly impressed as the company has enhanced and refined their offerings. In spite of their consistency, their responsiveness to customer needs sometimes surprises me. By now, of course, it shouldn't.

Imagine my excitement when I read this snippet, excerpted from a recent post by Krystyn Heide in the 'Squarespace Insider":

We’re in the final stages of a new Squarespace release that is so huge it almost feels like we’re launching an entirely new product.

Having just freed up some time to focus on more of the things I want to do, it's been my plan to get down to studying and understanding even more about how to use Squarespace to make truly remarkable websites. The tools are there - I'm only limited by my lack of knowledge of how to really use them. This announcement only reinforces my resolve to learn more. "Take it to the next level" as they say.

For those unfamiliar with this service, let me share a tiny bit. Without the need for Dreamweaver and other html-aiding software, Squarespace allows users to build sophisticated sites of all sizes that include:

  • standard web pages
  • blogs
  • photo galleries
  • book and music resource lists through Amazon
  • discussion boards
  • guestbooks

This isn't even close to being a comprehensive list, but I tend to meet a lot of non-techie types who are intimidated by the idea of putting together their own sites; these seem to be the basic elements many people want to incorporate when they're starting out.  I love knowing that those people can do so much without a background in web design and development. Since I started using Squarespace, they've steadily increased their selection of templates. Along with the basic selection offered, each one includes several different color variations for users to choose from. And depending on your level of experience and comfort, you can customize your site using those templates, so your site achieves the look that best reflects your personality, product or service.

Add to that the unparallelled customer service and it really doesn't get any better. Except? Apparently it's about to. I, for one, am on the edge of my seat.

Now to make time for updating all the outdated areas of my site, so I'll be ready to jump in and explore the next wave of offerings...