Yesterday's list vs. yesterday's reality

Now for what I actually did yesterday:

Sorted beads. Period. I own roughly forty two million beads and the ones that live in a rolling suitcase which have been designated for "my seniors" with which they make pretty jewelry about once a month? Atrocious. There are no words to describe the mess I've been letting them live with. So yesterdayI went through about 2/3 of them and they've coming together in a bit of order that will allow us to work happily this morning in class, and will also give me a much more accurate idea of what's even here when I decide to buy more - which needs to happen soon-ish.

Sure I responded to a handful of emails, took a couple of calls, left one voice mail message, and thought a lot about the next phase of my life. I did that too. But from the list I shared with you? Yea, pretty much I sorted beads.

Then I showered at around 5, a friend picked me up just after 6:30, we met up with a couple of other friends at around 7, then on to hear Molly McGinn's musical stylings. Which, I must tell you, was magnificent.

Guess I'll get back to the list another time...