So much time she doesn't know what to do with it?

quite_a_lot_to_do_bring_it_on.jpgAfter the part-time job turned nearly/sometimes full-time over the past weeks and months, I got further and further behind. On everything. Now that we've successfully reached the point at which we're looking back on all the hooplah, recalling fondly this or that element that went off without a hitch, I've "given myself" two days to begin catching up on things. Some of them are "I used to be a freelancer" tasks, some of them are personal. Today feels like such a gift, I don't know where to start.

Having literally slept until 9:40 then shuffled down the hall to make some strong coffee, I'm considering the day ahead with awe and giddiness. There's far too much I want to fit in, but here are some of the tasks that look really compelling at this moment:

  • Read - started Malcolm Gladwell's Blink a couple of days ago. It's great!
  • Sort beads for my seniors class tomorrow. They've gotten more and more disorganized over the past months and nobody can find anything in the once-very-tidy sectioned boxes,
  • Organize my own inventory of stones and other beads I use in my designs - everything's still just sitting there after I made these last pieces,
  • Catch up on some fairly simple web-related requests for clients who've waited far too long for my responses,
  • Return that gown I bought before I found the other outfit to wear to the gala,
  • Call Cindi in Atlanta and see if she's around; our schedules are nearly opposite these days and it's been longer than usual since we've even had a chance to say hello,
  • Call Marcy and congratulate her on her new kiln - and just catch up a little,
  • Did somebody say laundry?
  • Start outlining my thoughts for a "testimonials" page on this site,
  • And make some long-overdue notes for the Etsy store that got lost in the shuffle,
  • Journal writing - I'm heading into a serious transitional stage, professionally-speaking, and I need to get all the thoughts and needs and ideas and challenges and wants and excitement and possibilities and un-followed threads and names of contacts and reminders of what didn't work before down in some place where I can sort and organize and see what it is exactly I'm looking for in this next phase of my made-up career.
  • Fiction writing - A week or two ago I finally started writing a novel. Which I've been planning to do for as long as I can recall. Now that I have an actual story to tell, it's time to create a consistent habit of working on this project so that I don't lose it.
  • Paperwork organization. Let me not bore you. Trust me when I tell you it's time to get a handle on a serious mess.
  • Seasonal clothing change. Even though Father Time and Mother Earth haven't yet allowed us to commit to spring for real, history suggests it's gonna' happen sometime. Even if I have to leave home in the mornings with a jacket, I surely don't need any wool sweaters and knitted scarves taking up my limited space. So soon I'll box up some things and run over to my storage unit and make a big switcheroo. It's past time for me to "visit my things" anyway!
  • Sit down with my calendar. With a festival, some house-sitting weeks, a couple of inventory pick up and drop off dates, and the dream of a trip or two in the coming months, I need to get a handle on some key dates.
  • There's an important birthday tomorrow that I haven't planned well for. But even if it's late, I still need to get myself to the post office asap, so my surprise will at least arrive during the right week!
  • And while those are all up for grabs, concerning which will be fit in and which will not, and in what order, tonight I'm finally going to hear Molly McGinn play. Woo hoo!
I woke this morning to an undeniable feeling of optimism laced with gratitude and may I even admit, excitement? Regardless of which of these tasks is accomplished and whichever ones have to wait, I'm facing them with a giddy little smile on my face. These options are mine and much as there is to take on?  I wouldn't have it any other way!