72 hours that defy description - but I'll tell ya' a little


What do all these things have in common?

  • A little girl with a flower painted on her cheek, blowing bubbles,
  • A sports car so modern that a gallon of paint used on its surface, which literally changes color depending on the angle from which you're observing it, is reported to cost $9000,
  • 105053-1469800-thumbnail.jpgThree back-to-back live musical acts from a single stage,
  • Torrential rain on a long, black freeway, with a glimpse of a lonely, white cop car sitting secretively in the median, only visible once illuminated by lightening,
  • An inflated, pink flamingo nicknamed "Pinky,"
  • 105053-1469797-thumbnail.jpgTwo helium tanks tied to a crepe myrtle tree,
  • A CBS entertainer and commentator sharing her perspective that most of her real education occurred after college graduation,
  • Walking tours of a "to-scale" model solar sysetm,
  • A woman in a ballgown, standing by a fire truck as her tuxedoed date hands her a glass of wine,
  • As a young man with spikey, multicolored hair and tight, tight pants walks by,
  • Downloading Hawaiian, hula dancing music from iTunes in my office in the middle of the afternoon,
  • 105053-1469818-thumbnail.jpgDancing with an exotically beautiful baby who observes the woman singing from the stage with an expression that seems to indicate "I do this all the time..." then proceeds to fall asleep on my chest,
  • Being picked up by two laughing twenty-somethings for a photo nobody will ever see,
  • Singlehandedly shooting somewhere in the neighborhood of 800 photos...

105053-1469799-thumbnail.jpgAll these things have my week in common. Observations, experiences, events - all are little slivers of the things I've seen and done and heard swirling around me. In no particular order. And then some.

There's been some mighty big stuff going on during the 50th Anniversary commemmorative celebration events at the school for which I've worked off-and on for several years, and have most 105053-1469801-thumbnail.jpgrecently worked part-time for the past year. The gala was 2 nights ago, and last night was the beach-themed party and concert for students and alum. Exhausted as I am, I woke this morning at 7:25 and haven't been able to fall back to sleep yet. Might as well let it go, since there's more to this celebration today, when I've agreed to shoot more photos for the faculty, staff, retiree event. Then later I'm planning to bail out on a concert (which we all know will 105053-1469796-thumbnail.jpgproceed quite nicely without me,) so I can go to an opening in Raleigh for someone I haven't seen in far too many years, and who is simply more important to me. Was given wrong info. So I'm not going to Raleigh tonight.

I like to think I'll tell you all about these little bulleted details and the stories behind them, soon, but you know me. Maybe I will and probably I won't. Unless you ask me in person.

105053-1469820-thumbnail.jpgBut this is where I've been and some of what I've been up to. My brain is spinning, my body is a little achey, yet you'll hear no complaints from me. We've worked hard for this, we're going to keep working hard, and in a couple of days, life will return to business as usual. But with a lot of new memories shared with people whose company, for the most part, I very, very much enjoyed.