An example of an ideal workday

goodstuffcalendar2.jpgDo you enjoy what you do for a living? Do you find yourself smiling throughout the day? Are you successful in your chosen career? Because it's my goal to set up my life so that I can answer "yes" without hesitation, to each of these questions, they're at the forefront of my mind these days, more than ever.

Here's how I spent yesterday:

  • Woke at 7:30, naturally - no alarm clock in sight. I can't stress enough how much this affects my day.
  • Checked email, responded to a couple, then made some coffee.
  • Although I'm considering a time when my healthful habits might allow me to remove the sporadic Adderall from my reality, we're not ready for that yet. In fact, contemplating my obligations, I took a slightly higher dose than usual. (Which was completely acceptable: I generally take a smaller dose than was prescribed.)
  • Made a to-do list that would alarm a less brazenly optimistic soul (or perhaps even a smarter person,) but which filled me with pleasure. Nearly everything on that list? It's there because I think it should be, not because it's on a job description written by someone else.
  • Started working on checking things off that list. And because the Adderall was doing a very fine job? Kept working on those tasks.
  • But took a tiny little break and downloaded some music to flesh out the playlists that accompanied my day's workflow.
  • And responded to a couple of fun emails. Some personal, but also a couple of important work-related ones, including one that led to a meeting now scheduled for this afternoon with a too-long-ignored client.
  • More work - most of it web-development in nature.
  • Accepted a friend's lunchtime invitation.
  • Driving home, took a call from an out-of-state client and discussed, for the entire drive, the direction her website needs to go in. Short and long-term plans got sorted out and we agreed to sit down together next week when she's had time to make her list of needs for me to help her with.
  • Back here with 3 minutes to spare, called my newest client as scheduled - also in another state - to discuss the project I'm beginning for him. Here's a fun tidbit. This person had contacted me a year ago to explore some web development possibilities, but ultimately decided he could handle his needs on his own. Now, having managed his site (quite well, I might observe,) for a year, he's ready to take it to the proverbial next level. I'm going to help refine the design of his site for him. Am very excited. How perfect his timing, no?
  • Hanging up, all I wanted was to get started that very minute. Delayed my gratification and worked, instead, on yet another out-of-state web client's updates until I had to stop for his email response to guide my work.
  • Began work on the exciting new project.
  • Stopped when a friend arrived to pick me up so we could go have a late bite to eat.
  • Back here after "playtime" was over at around 10 or so, removed contacts, brushed my teeth and washed my face and...
  • Came back in here to work! Maybe an hour and a half later forced myself to stop, couldn't think of anything I wanted to really say in my blog (so made up something lame,) and went to bed.
Today will be different but also remarkably similar. Am anticipating as much pleasure as yesterday. I also hope your day also goes the way you want. Truly...