Functional art at a new favorite fused glass site

motardfusedglass.jpgYou need to see this site. One day I'm going to know how to do this. And I bet I'll be good at it, too. Don't ask...I just have a feeling.

Fused glass pieces like these make me laugh out loud. Make me want to have them all over the place so I can smile every time I pick up my keys and empty my pockets of loose change. These are the kinds of pieces you want to give as gifts.

Here's what I know about this site. It's called modart66. The artist, Carolyn Smrcka, creates functional pieces that just bring smiles when you look at photos of them. Seems she's a kindred spirit who's also dabbled in many things, but has recently turned to this new medium. I also like the way she writes about her work:

I truly appreciate the notion of functional art, which is what I try to do here. I like the idea of having something cool-looking in which to put your keys, wallet or phone when you walk in the door; or a place to put your earrings or cufflinks when you take them off at night; or an interesting place to put food, for you or you pets.

Check it out!