Her narcissism: it surpasses even my own

105053-1522052-thumbnail.jpgDo you have friendships spanning so many years that no matter what your friend says - even the most ludicrous of assertions - it nearly always has the capability of making you laugh? Because one of my own friends has "been with me" since I was 12, that's more life with her than without. Therefore, the following telephone conversation from a couple of nights ago didn't really surprise or confuse me. With anybody else it probably would have:

Her: I've noticed you don't sound 100% your usually happy self. Not quite so cheerful and light, or something.
Me: Really? I feel quite great, actually.
Her: No. I read your last few blog posts and you left a message on my machine. Something was missing. I think when you don't talk to me for too long, you aren't as happy as when we talk.
Me: We have a really bad connection. I'm going to hang up and call you back on a better line.
Her: Okay.
[And I do. Then:]
Me: Let me get this straight. You just said to me that you don't think I sounded peaceful and content with my life, and basically my happiness is enhanced now because I've finally been able to talk to you on the phone?
Her: Exactly!
Me: Wow. And I thought I was narcissistic!

And peals of silly laughter were heard on both ends.

The thing is, I actually know what she was saying. She and I are both very sensitive to our surroundings, and when we haven't had interactions with other people who have our particular blend of, hmmm... let me see how to put this. Well, let's try it this way. We both have severe struggles with our attention spans and therefore tend to do many things at one time, and carry on multiple threads of conversation at once. And we're both excruciatingly optimistic. Also we're both comfortable interacting on a level many consider only appropriate for children. And so for the both of us, there's a certain craving for laughter and conversations incorporating a certain lunacy... a kind of childlike glee with life. We both seem to need to interact with others who insist on seeing the world on an average day through a kind of Pollyanna-esque set of lenses that sometimes make others roll their eyes. Which means that although the way she expressed her sentiment didn't actually say all this, I knew what she was saying anyway.

And what she was saying is this: You haven't had enough happy insanity in your world, and you're not laughing at quite enough stupid stuff. It's also possible you've been spending just a little too much time in endeavors considered appropriate by polite society. Besides all that? You may have forgotten, just for a second or two, that it's okay not to take life quite so seriously. But talking to me tonight? Yea, I can tell it's doin' ya some good!  

Here's to threads of understanding! Have you hugged your own personal kook lately? Give her a call! I promise: it'll make you feel better. Even if you didn't realize you needed to feel better!