Not my home... but my stuff is everywhere

105053-1516847-thumbnail.jpgWhen I arrived to begin this week of house-sitting, my friend met me at the door wearing a necklace I made but had forgotten about until seeing it. It was a foreshadowing of sorts.

The piece seen in this picture also surprised me. It's sitting in a guest bedroom and took me completely by surprise. Having made a mere handful of lamps with carved surfaces, and not having kept any for myself, I was thrilled to see it.  (It's been ages since I've seen anything I've made from clay and enjoyed that's larger than that tiny bowl from yesterday's post.) I suspect I'm going to go back upstairs and examine it again more closely, before I leave. It's a treat to be able to revisit ideas and techniques years later, through fresh eyes, having developed different skills. Through critical, honest eyes, I see that while there's much to love about this lamp - and I do, too, still - my form was undeveloped. Some later pieces were more refined, but even then I didn't "stick it out" with pottery long enough to really develop my skills. I got bitten by the bug to make my current clay pieces before that happened. Makes a girl feel a little nostalgic. Questioning. What if...

Embarking on "the next phase" of a career I often refer to as "made-up," in less than 3 weeks, I'll be completely on my own again. There will be no part-time job to pad my artistic impulsivity and scattered focus. Now is not the time to resume my hobby of making lamps and carving their surfaces with these freehand, swirly lines. But that doesn't mean I won't do it again one day. 

For now, though, I'll have to satisfy myself by visiting my old pots. This house is full of them. There's something very comforting and heart-warming about this.