Observe my brilliant beading...chaos

105053-1512961-thumbnail.jpgLet's take a turn around the workspace of a semi-inspired creative-type person on a Tuesday night, shall we? After giving in to the realization that watching videos on YouTube of musicians like Vienna Teng were not going to make me able to play and sing like that, no matter how many times I watched them and sang along, I turned off my laptop and walked downstairs. Since I do have some skills with beads and seem not to have managed to clean up the mess from this weekend's festival prep, yet, I thought I'd have a go at it. Why not shuffle through the beads and see what happened? They're all there, piled on the counter in glorious disarray...might as well!

I will admit to you that I fluctuate wildly between being seriously OCD about working carefully with only a very specific set of beads, all the others tidily away in their cases... and needing to have at my fingertips, Every Single Bead I've Ever Owned Even If I Have To Bring Out Extra Tables To Fit All The Mess On Top. This week I'm comfortable admitting to you: chaos won.

So back downstairs, I went at it with no plan to speak of. You need to click on the tiny photo thumbnail and follow along. After all, I took the time to number the image. It's the least you can do, yes? Okay? Thank you.

In No Particular Order 

  1. This is a horrid mess of 3, maybe 4, strands of these glorious beaded creations I've been making (one of which I wear myself half the days of the week,) that need to be adjusted. Because they're so long and have no clasps, it was tricky to finish them off. I'm going to rework the ends. You have no idea what I'm talking about, do you? That's okay. Just admire the pretty beads with me. OH how I love these strands. If I wouldn't get dubbed more eccentric than would even be appropriate at this stage of my life, I'd wrap my whole neck in these things and wear them all around town. Maybe later.
  2. My first attempt at designing earrings for a friend who mostly told me what she wanted to go with a necklace she commissioned. I need to make some new beads with clay before she gets exactly what she wants, but it'll be a couple of weeks before that's going to be a remote possibility...maybe longer. So this is my attempt at pleasing the customer with an alternative for now. At least if she likes these, she can wear 'em until I get her Very Special Clay Beads finished.
  3. A strand of two alternating beads, hopefully meant to be worn as a choker. A commission, I have no idea how long this piece is supposed to be. I sort of think I do, but I'm taping the ends until she measures and removes however many make it too long. Then I have to find a magnetized, hematite clasp. She has metal allergies and that such a thing even exists will come in very handy. The necklace uses:
  4. Hematite barrels, which I've now run out of - hence my admission I hope she wants her piece to be short. Seen here in one of my favorite bowls I ever made when I was throwing pots... &
  5. These itty bitty seed beads called "Delicas" in an "Amber gold lustre" finish. Seen in some light they're red, other they're gold, and still other light makes 'em look green. Hopefully I chose the right bead for spacing the hematite. I'll know soon enough, won't I?!
  6. There's nothing else to call it but a honkin' mess. You can't see the bracelet on my left wrist but I'll tell you about it. In a meeting today, I recognized my own work, and felt secretly embarrassed not to have realized this colleague was also my customer. I reached over to touch it, and she smiled asking did I recognize it. Turns out another colleague, who's a repeat-customer, had given it to her for Christmas. The only thing missing, it seems, is a pair of earrings to wear with it. So I took her bracelet away from her, meaning only to photograph it, but look here - it's still on my arm tonight! This pile of beads was chosen to inspire me, as it's comprised mainly of beads with a similar color scheme of the bracelet's beads. So far, no good. I put some beads together to see what happened, and they didn't inspire me whatsoever. Looked like something any old body could make. Not that I don't make ordinary things (yea, I see what you've got to go on tonight, thanks, really...) but the bracelet needs a little more than ordinary. So she'll have to wait a little longer. Fortunately I did get a couple of photos and I'll return her bracelet tomorrow.
  7. Just one tiny, little old beer. Which was very much tasty, thanks.

And that, my darlings, is all the beading I've got the interest in doing tonight. And now that I've gotten a blog entry out of it, too, how 'bout a good night's sleep?