Seeing red & loving it...

105053-1509815-thumbnail.jpgDo you ever notice patterns where none were intended? Because I've noticed a little pattern of my own, I started paying closer attention. Yup! There's more red in my life than usual.

Not that this will surprise people who've known me for years - red's my favorite color. But I like a lot of other colors, too, quite a lot. And so don't really give it that much thought. Nevertheless, I'm particularly drawn to red lately, and in a way I don't often notice. Take for example:

At the home I'm taking care of this week, there are lots of house plants. This one, however, in the window of the den, is really catching my eye. Sure, it's got a pretty distinctive thing going on with this bloom thingie (not your girl to turn to with matters of horticultural importance,) but the color kept drawing me over to look at it.

105053-1509820-thumbnail.jpgYesterday at the pottery festival, I wisely stayed put more than at festivals in the past. Being a huge fan of most things clay, I have a hard time walking away from a pot that really calls to me.  I gambled wisely to keep most of the proceeds from the sales I made. Still, I had to go see my friend, Susan Ridenhour. Her booth is positioned not too far from my own, so I felt pretty safe. I'd go see her, get a hug, chat a sec, then come right back. But. This. Pot. Was. Screaming. My. Name. And. I. Had. To. Have. It. Right. This. Very. Minute. And you see I did have it, too! Extra props to Susan...

Today I unpacked a box I picked up from storage a few days back but just got around to opening. It was marked "cotton and linen clothes." Beyond that, I had only a few recollections of what might be inside. And I was right, too. Only? I'd forgotten one of my favorite pieces of all time. A red, Gap, men's, button-down, linen shirt I must have bought 12-15 years ago. Truly I have no idea when I got it, but I do have memories of wearing it in Atlanta the summer of '96, so there ya' have it... I squealed when I saw it folded there. And promptly wore it today.

105053-1509822-thumbnail.jpgA few days ago, I opted to go for the professional pedicure to start my sandal-wearing season. Often I just pamper my own feet and save the bucks for other things. (Like pottery and supplies for making stuff, for example!) Psychotic.  But not this time - after all those months of boot wearing, my feet really needed some attention. Whereas I usually opt for a nice mauve tone, or raspberry shade if I'm feeling more bold...  yea, you guessed it! (Looks like it's already time for a touchup - warm weather brings its own extra set of chores, doesn't it? No complaints here, though!)

There's more, but I'm saving it for another post.

Go enjoy some colors of your own!