Where I'll be today...

Another reason I knew it was time to leave the year-long part-time job that's become more and more time-consuming is that I was dropping the ball more and more on my own projects. As much as I was, admittedly, enjoying myself most of the time. (What with all the creative projects they "let" me do!) Nonetheless, it wasn't without its sacrifices. Here's a great example:

potteryfest-april08.jpgToday I'll be at the Triad Area Spring Pottery Festival. This past year hasn't given me much time to  make it to sales and festivals, or to pursue representation in boutiques and galleries. And it sure hasn't left me the time I need for promoting the events properly when I have participated. Such as today. I mentioned it a few days ago, almost as an afterthought, this event of today. And that was the only time it's been referenced on my site. I've told a few friends, too, so maybe I'll see extra famliar faces. That would be cool.

My friend, Marcy Reid-Smith, actually got me the "hookup" this go 'round. I wasn't even going to participate in this show - where I've sold many pots and lamps and necklaces over the years - this spring. But she, goodie for me, overbooked her weekend and needs to be somewhere else. So her husband is bringing her things down in less than 2 hours, (Yikes! Hurry, write faster!) he'll help me set them up, and I'll set up around her - and run our little booth, hopefully selling for the both of us, in her absence. It was a gift to me, just as surely as I will (hopefully!) be helping her out today.

Plus? I get to see all my "old" potter friends! So many of the people at this show have been there for years and years and it's become like family. Not to mention that some of the other potters really are family: I took classes with them at Art Alliance for years, and so I'm giddy with the thought of seeing so many faces that have been missing from my life for so long now.

All in all, I'm anticipating a truly delightful day. Come down and visit if you get a chance, 'kay? (Even if you just want to browse - it's a great atmosphere. Plus I love all the hugs. You can stop by and give me one!)  

Greensboro Farmer's Curb Market at 501 Yanceyville,
across from Memorial Stadium. 11-5