Too little sleep? Too much?

When you wake an hour before your alarm clock goes off, do you go ahead and get right up? Do you lay there a while and then get up? Because I spent the day in bed with a tummy thing yesterday, I experienced that particularly annoying way of waking at 4:30 this morning. I'd love to tell you I jumped right up and hit the floor for some truly invigorating exercise. I'd love to tell you that...but it would be a big ole' lie.

Instead, I lay there thinking, "If I'm still awaken in 15 minutes, I'll get up." Then stayed awake for a while...until I slept again. Hard. Which led to much snoozing when the 5:30 ringing began. I will admit to you now that I'm writing this in the dark, laptop on a pillow at the foot of my bed, in an effort to wake completely up.

Seems to me it's about discipline. And where sleep is concerned, I lack great, grand gobs of discipline. Never mind if I stayed in bed one minute longer, my body would just atrophy into this horrid mass of yuk. Here's the first time I've ever found myself wishing I were a runner. Like so many of my friends are. Then I could just run the kinks out of my legs and back after all those too many hours of non-movement. Ugh.

Here's to discipline, proper balance and the right kinds of exercise today to get me moving like a normal person again.  Cheers!