What do you do when your Adderall fails you?


Turns out the "to do list" only works if you stick to it. But what if you make the list then discover 36 additional things that should have been put on the list in the first place? Things you really need to accomplish, as surely as you need to accomplish the things you did write...

Here's a teeniny sliver of what you're missing by not hanging out with me today:

  • Music by Vienna Teng & Tori Amos & Missy Higgins & Bjork,
  • A newly-created long-range planning schedule of upcoming art festival entry deadlines for events in which I might like to participate,
  • Web surfing to get a feel for the kinds of highly-creative designs being created by web developers who also use Squarespace - an exceedingly inspirational task,
  • Puppy pee,
  • New cool necklace designs that are, thus-far, still only in my head,
  • A phone conversation with a shop owner who loves my jewelry,
  • Integrating the things I brought from storage yesterday, without making a bigger mess than I had before,
  • Laundry,
  • Writing to get clarity on upcoming career goals,
  • Missing my Granddaddy, who doesn't know this because I didn't call him to say so,
  • potteryfest-april08.jpgAnticipation of Sunday's Pottery Festival at the Greensboro Farmer's Curb Market - which I've been remiss in not telling you about before now,
  • Booth setup planning and prep,
  • Further anticipation of next week's house-sitting adventure,
  • Pleasure to realize I feel really happy today. In spite of the fact that I'm now aware that I will never, ever, Never, EVER catch up on all the things I'd like to do - and won't even come close. Letting go of that delusion feels freeing.
  • I'm also forcing myself to breathe deeply every time I have a familiar tightening in my chest that heralds further awareness that although I did take Adderall today, I'm far from focused and my mind is jumping from topic to topic and thought to thought same as always. Only today? My body is also hyper. Breathe. Now. Okay, continue...
  • Yesterday I promised myself that I would, starting today, commit to regular exercise which is typically sporadic, at best. I'm telling you this, Internet, because I am often not to be trusted with the management of my own accountability. Feel free to check in with me on my progress sometime, 'kay?
  • Lots and lots of email replies. Including one that should have actually been just a journal entry. Over the years it's become clear who my "real friends" are in that they don't abandon and publicly shun me because of my unpredictable tendancy to write far more than anybody in their right mind would ever want to read on a given Monday,
  • Printer issues that a standard "nozzle cleaning" x2 has yet to correct,
  • A new request for necklace donation to a worthy organization's upcoming auction,
  • Looking for a very important piece of missing paperwork. Repeatedly telling myself that it will be okay. I just misplaced it and I haven't lost it altogether. I need to believe the latter.
  • And stopping. In the middle of all this... to design that funky graphic piece at the beginning of this post. Just because. I have no idea why that was deemed important, but it was. Something to do with the need to express myself creatively.

All right, I'm tired. We're nowhere close to the end of where this list could go, but really what's the point in continuing ad nauseum? Apparently I've got some stuff to get back to. No doubt you do as well...

Hope your day is spectacularly magnificent!!!