Perspective: it's everything

105053-1488239-thumbnail.jpgEarlier this evening while spending some time with my sister and her son the king of her house, I slipped away to have a few minutes of private time in a room that contains what we now call "the potty" without thinking twice. Moments later, the door was flung open and a very tiny person burst into the room. He grinned, then settled himself onto his stepstool, watching me.

Moments later, I flushed and moved to wash my hands. The instant it was clear I'd successfully accomplished my goal, my audience burst into applause, cheering loudly. "Yay!!!!!!" he shouted.

Sis entered the room at that moment and grinned at me wickedly. "At least," she declared, "if you're ever feeling badly about yourself you can remember you've accomplished something. YOU are potty trained! Never forget it."

Gonna' keep that in mind for retrieval the next time I have a "low self-esteem day."  I'm learning not to take any of my many skills for granted.