A simple way to brighten an otherwise ordinary day

freakykeycovers.jpgEver get tired of looking at your keys? Think just getting a fun, new key ring isn't quite cutting it? Never thought about it? Well think about it! Yea, pretty dull, eh?

Introducing Freakeys Key Covers!!!

For $1 a piece - in a pack of 6 - you, too, can buy yourself a little smile in every wiggle.

Recognizing as I do that everyone doesn't feel the need to entertain themselves in the ways I do, nonetheless I challenge you. Look at these babies and see if you can keep a straight face. My point. We need more smiles. I need to have these... 

From Perpetual Kid, which I did not know existed until today. So hats off to MightyGoods for this delightful tidbit, with the most excellent one-liner: Your key ring is insufficiently jazzy. It is, too. We just didn't know it until now. Buy em here.