Thinkin' it'd be fun to have one of these

Over at the 37 Signals, Signals vs. Noise blog (it's a geek thing,) I found this fun little product someone sent into them from another site called about:blank. What you get is an "It's about time" clock. To tell you approximately what time it is. "Nearly twelve." "Quarter past another hour..."

abouttimeclock.jpgThis is how we often think of time, anyway, isn't it? When sis and I were roommates, there were clocks in the house that were set correctly. And then...there were "fast time" clocks. Trick was remembering, in case you needed to really know, which were which. Didn't want to be dragging your feet, getting ready for work looking at a "real time" clock while thinking it was a "fast time," one. "Aaah, I'm okay. I've got 15 extra minutes!" Wrong again!

I guess if we'd had one of these it would have solved different kinds of problems... Fun.