The mindnumbingly slow progress toward an Etsy store

etsyscreenshot-march3-08.jpgBeside me - or rather beside my laptop - on the desk, is a stack of black trays.

Into each of these trays has been placed a black, flocked insert holding 6 snapping loops.

Through each loop is one of my necklaces featuring not only a clay pendant but also a beaded strand; in the last one, the final loop holds two necklaces.

There are 6 trays in all. 

Each piece has been meticulously arranged to coincide with two photos of each - finally renamed and reordered into some semblance of, well, order -  and is bearing a tag on which an inventory number has been written. And a price.

I have begun writing descriptions - oh yes I have.

There are six complete descriptions, as of this writing. As there were last night about this time.

Tomorrow, at about the same time, I wonder how many descriptions will have been written?

I wonder, because instead of writing more, I am designing a website that is taking all of my spare time.

I didn't have any time to spare when I began working on it.

This wasn't really a factor I could be concerned with when I agreed to do it.

Fortunately I'm enjoying the work. For the most part. 

Plus I had dinner with friends tonight.

This was great, grand fun, but my stomach has been hurting ever since.

Nevertheless, I have been working since arriving home. (Except for that delightful break I had with my housemate, in which we reviewed our days together and talked of the upcoming weekend plans.)

It is not yet ten and I am craving sleep. So I will go to bed early tonight, I think.

Because the day we're approaching is already too short and perhaps a good night's rest will be the ideal way to begin it.

One day - soon, I like to believe - I will have inventory in my new Etsy store. Inventory, that is, beyond that one lonely necklace placed there last week.

It's good to have a dream, don't you think?