Can we talk more about this black coffee business?

After writing the original post in which I declared to the Internet that I am now drinking my coffee black, I learned that "you people" feel very strongly about your coffee. Which was a very cool thing, as far as I'm concerned. Seeing as how the pursuit of New And Interesting Cups Of Yummy Coffee makes up such a tidy chunk of my life.

So here's the thing. I guess it's been about two weeks since I've added no cream or milk... no non-dairy milk-esque product whatsoever to my coffee, in fact. Not a drop. (Seeing as how I was petrified that the second I tasted it, I'd give up on my little experiment immediately.)

And for about four days now? I've had this ever-increasing case of what I think they're now calling "acid reflux" and I grew up thinking of as "heartburn" and quite frankly I don't care what THEY call it, it just needs to stop happening inside of me.

I consumed about a half of the little tube of Rolaids I went down to the bookstore and grabbed in desperation today, and hope I brought the rest of 'em home with me, 'cause it looks like I'm gonna' need more if I'm to get through the rest of this evening with any comfort whatsoever.

Seems I now have to do some research. The idea of drinking my coffee black and how being a person who drinks her coffee black fits somehow into my mental image of the kind of person I think of as somehow cooler than my regular self who really quite likes her coffee a nice warm shade of caramel? You can just forget that. I'm not burning holes in my body just to prove I can do it. I'm fine with waiting out the taste and making my tastebuds acclimate to the less appealing sensation on my tongue, but I draw the line at this.

So I guess I have to find out if this is, indeed, what's going on. Any of you Coffee Lovin' People have anything to say on the matter, now? Miss Dena of the I Drink My Decaf Black Then Run 10 Miles denas...what about you? Any burning sensations in your chest? Whatcha' think I should do about this... hmmmm?