Quite a week

105053-1449314-thumbnail.jpgMornin' ya'll! It's Friday, I'm about to go to the office and then we'll all take a little two-day break. Then things are gonna' get really interesting when, next week, the culmination of months of planning come together in an array of events that promise to be truly memorable.

And as much as it's consumed me lately, and the lives of my colleagues, this doesn't really affect me in the greater scheme of things, that much. Odd. It'll all happen, and it'll be behind us and life will go on. What does affect me are the jewelry designs I worked on yesterday, and that I'm taking them to High Point on Saturday and will leave them in the capable hands of someone I trust will sell some of for me!

Beyond that, what also affects me is that we have a puppy in the house (who may actually come to live here,) and I'd forgotten what high-maintenance puppies can be. For the housemates who might read this, I'm not complaining. There's very little more wonderful than a puppy. This one is no different. She's just doing her job when she does all those high-maintenance things puppies do. I'd just forgotten. All I'm saying.

The other thing I'll tell you in this fragmented, quick, thrown-together hello of a substandard blog entry, is that I got a most adorable voice mail messaage yesterday. The main caller was one specific munchkin. In the background I heard my sister's voice prompting:

Her: Say hello Melody!
Him: He-ooo Memee!105053-1449316-thumbnail.jpg
Her: I love you, Melody!
Him: Mmmmmm mmme uhhh MeMEEEE!
Her: Say, we were missing you Melody.
Him: Geeessuuumme memeee dumooooha bu.
Her: Say bye bye Melody!
Her: Okay, you don't have to say it then.
And apparently somebody took the phone away from somebody else 'cause there was much screeching before the phone went dead. 

HOW I love that baby...