Selecting for Furniture Market turns into design groove

105053-1434361-thumbnail.jpgHave you been planning to spend any time in High Point during "Furniture Market" this year? If you're not local, I'm talking about the High Point International Home Furnishings Market. If you're not avoiding the town entirely, you should stop in and see my work at this year's market!

It's hard to believe a whole year has passed since Gifts Like Nothing Else first sold my jewelry at the spring market '07, but it has! (Here's my excited announcement from last year.) Now all I have to do is whittle down the inventory I'm taking to them at the end of the week, 105053-1434365-thumbnail.jpgand I'll be golden. Because although I sold quite a few of "my babies" - these one-of-a-kind artisan necklaces  - we all agree that this time around it's better if I just choose what I want to take them. Last year the choices were just too overwhelming. So this time it's me alone who gets to be overwhelmed the choice is all mine!

Since I sat down to write this post a few hours ago, the design bug bit me and I decided to see what would happen if I got out some clay pendants and some semi-precious stones.  These 105053-1434367-thumbnail.jpgpictures show the resulting answer to that question. Now to see if I'm going to keep going or stop here...and get back to my original task, which was choosing which pieces to take. I'm no closer to knowing. (Except for these two new ones, of course!)

You can bet I'll know by the end of the week, though. Furniture Market waits for noone!