A local music scene, Malcolm Gladwell & how many degrees of separation?

mollychrisandjoe.jpgIf you make it to the end (if I make it to the end,) you'll understand just a little of why this music video of Molly McGinn, Chris Lord & Joe Blevins has been the primary soundtrack to my gloriously scattered morning - and why I was so thrilled to find it. If you don't, hope you enjoy these blues anyway.

This is a story about how we really are all pretty connected. Or maybe it's a story about how small of a town I actually live in, in spite of the fact that it's masquerading as a large town. 

Through a college friend, BB, I know about the music of Molly McGinn, whom I haven't yet met. Through the daughter of another college friend, (whose husband was my partner in crime for The Consumption Of The Insanity Wing,) there's a different connection that routes through MM's boyfriend's brother. The aforementioned boyfriend, Sean Coon, has been - I learned through the beauty of the Internet - very involved in ConvergeSouth, which I was registered to attend in October and which, at the last minute I didn't get to attend, but there's always this coming fall.

It was that same second college friend's son, E, whom I was on my way to meet the night I first met the guys in Old Stone Revue and therefore didn't get to hear them play.When I did finally get to hear them play, it came up in conversation with band member Joe Blevins while we talked prior to the show, that he knows Molly McGinn. Naturally.

This morning I stumbled across the video of the two of them playing together last week, along with their mutual friend. Imagine my not-really-that-surprised pleasure.

I tend to think of E and BB as "connectors" of the kind that Malcolm Gladwell wrote of in The Tipping Point. I loved that book. Between the two of them, these friends of mine know half the people in this town, I'm convinced. Of course, one might make the case that Guilford College is the original connector in this equation. Or me. Psychotic.

Meanwhile, I received an email yesterday from Lisa Fields, whom I've never met but with whom I exchanged some interesting emails and one long phone call several months ago, in which she mentioned TED, a site I've known about but about which I had, for months now, completely forgotten. So I clicked on over to TED and almost immediately stumbled upon this video of Malcolm Gladwell which I found to be very much excellent and you might just enjoy too.

Now, about to turn my attention to updating my own website and some descriptions of my jewelry designs, I'm enjoying the sounds of these local musicians, and looking forward to having time to hear them live. 'Cause music while you work is grand. But better than that, even? Yea...live music beats just about everything.