The presence of a mouse & a guy with big lips

105053-1420764-thumbnail.jpgThis weekend when I was taking care of the munchkin, I had occasion to try and distract him - as is often the challenge with a 2 year old who doesn't yet understand WHY? So I hit upon the idea of "BABIES!" which he loves to watch on YouTube (discovered once when we were looking at such videos of him on said website. Yes: we go online and watch videos of babies we do not know laughing and dancing and trying to talk. These are his people, see.) This sometimes works perfectly... but not so much on this particular occasion. But YouTube is full of many, many, many exciting distractions, and so I persevered. We had much success.

Today, sis called me and, as is another now-familiar custom, I asked her to catch me up on anything charming and delightful I've missed in Mr. Pie's daily repertoire of perfection and adorableness. She felt compelled to oblige.

Among the recent things my nephew has just discovered is the perplexing fascination with Mickey Mouse and Winnie the Pooh. I say perplexing not because these entities aren't delightful in every way - particularly for small children - but because we can't quite figure out what it is that's so remarkable and amazing about them as to have turned his attention from blatant insouciance and disregard one day, to a fascination so remarkable the next day that the first thing he does in the morning is hunt for these specific stuffed animals before anybody is allowed to do another thing whatsoever. Apparently yesterday the morning could not begin without finding these two loves, ("Mouse!!!!! Pooh!!!") leading his father to remark, "How strange it all is. We used to just get up and start our day like normal people."

And so sis expressed her idea that perhaps she should pick him up a copy of a Mickey Mouse DVD. To which his father responded, "Why? We have an entire channel devoted entirely to these characters!" When she recounted this to me on the phone, today, I said, "It's true but maybe you want to have a DVD just of Mickey in case the Disney Channel is playing something else?" To which my ever-eloquent sister declared, "OR? We COULD use this as one of many upcoming lifelong opportunities to let him become familiar with his good friend Mick..."