WAY more movies than I ever imagined

105053-1411893-thumbnail.jpgHaving watched Volver earlier this evening, I remembered that handy little application I added to my Facebook account that lets me rate movies I've seen. I often forget this app and so thought I'd quick jump over and add this one to my list. Liked the movie, see. A lot. All the vivid characters and rich colors and textures... reasons like that.

Which led, you won't be surprised to learn, to my peeking around to see if I'd stumble across one or more other movies I've seen but never yet rated. This, in turn, led me to a section that lets you peek in on a list of movies that are currently in theatres somewhere.

People, I realize there are a lot of movies. Really a lot. We're a culture that likes our films. Got it. No surprise. But really??? I had no idea there could possibly be this many movies available in the theatres at a single time. Sure, many places don't have the same ones available at the same time. Some are coming, others are going. And some theatres can't afford certain ones. Never mind that. I'm telling you...Did Not Have Any Idea.