Bringin' her presents from work

Having not seen her in nearly a month, getting to have coffee and sit and just gab with Dena for over two hours yesterday was a treat I'd been looking forward to for weeks. She never fails to provide just the company I need. We always laugh. Usually, at some point, a little uncontrollably. Yesterday I laughed so hard a couple of times I got paper out of my bag and wrote down what she'd said. "Babe, you just gave me blog fodder!"

And I'll tell you more about that soon. But this morning, I'm merely pointing you over to her own blog to let you read about the story she told me. While we were together, she got the follow-up ]phone call to the one she mentions in her blog, giving me the "inside scoop."

Blair and Dena? The perfect couple. Trust me. There is such a thing. Go read now.