Intriguing smatterings from the 'net

callitresearch.jpgBecause of some volatile dreaming and great gobs of insomnia last night, I overslept this morning. Because my job at the college is part-time, (except for weeks like last week and the one before that, when it's... not,) I took a couple of days off their schedule to catch up on some web and jewelry work from I wasn't late to anything. That's the upside.

The downside is that the rest, when I got it, was not good. And so I'm mooving slooowly. Made the coffee and returned to my computer, thinking to be productive. That was a nice thought, immediately followed by That Kind Of Clicking Around That'll Get You Into All Kinds Of Interesting Places Online. That kind of clicking that starts in the first place becuase your brain isn't really working and you need to keep moving so you don't just go back to bed.

So...enjoy a bit of randomness with me, why dontcha? Of course it's not really random at all. I'm intrigued with the 'net and web practices and what's going on out there in the land of people who create online products for a living, and so these are the kinds of sites I've been perusing, for the most part.

In no particular order and perhaps with no particular relevance to your life - here are some of the things that captured my attention for, well, long enough to read a bit and also grab a screenshot to share with you here:

fillerup.jpg       airbookthrownout.jpg      


And then I realized that if I did this for too much longer, I was just gonna' feel that much more stressed about my day - not to mention the guilt - so I stopped. Back to work then?

Cheers  - of the Tuesday kind!