Sunday Evening Timeline

Approximate times only. I'm a little too braindead to really pay attention:

5:20 - return home from the work-related event where I've been since around 11. Remove my contacts, check email, and grab my pillow. Not necessarily in that order.

5:30 -  join housemates in living room where an intense, action movie is in full swing.

6:00 - upon completion of movie, resume watching Netflix-delivered other movie we never finished on Wednesday night.

7:00 - upon completion of our other movie, watch a bunch of trailers from the DVD, noting which ones we might like to see in future. Engage in brief text-message exchange for a while.

7:15 - realize I'm hungry but too lazy to do anything about it. Munch on honey mustard, garlic pretzel chunks someone else left on the coffee table.

7:30 - TV having been turned off and the ebb-and-flow conversation having slowed to a lull, come get a book from my bedroom and return to sofa for bit of reading.

7:40 - close my eyes, thinking perhaps that's a better idea than reading, after all. Think about:

  • How I wish I'd had the energy to go to the event I'd planned to attend after the work thing.
  • How I have to remember to email the person who invited me and properly apologize for having missed it - and her.
  • Wondered how it went.
  • Think of how much I genuinely like the person who invited me and how fortuitous it was we actually ever met in the first place.
  • Contemplated current state of my laundry.
  • Wondered at the advisability of waiting another day to wash next load.
  • Decided there would be no laundry doing tonight, so hope current options will be acceptable tomorrow morning.
  • Don't bother to get up and check. Semi-reclining on sofa with eyes closed and book on tummy is exceedingly comfy.
  • Smell dinner, being prepared by one of the housemates. Feel incredibly grateful that I didn't have to make any effort whatsoever and yet I'll eat something hot and tasty, after all.

8:00 or so - eat dinner while channel-surfing past American Idol highlight shows, campaign trail highlights, and not-made-for-TV-but-seen-endlessly-on-TV-movies-nonetheless.

8:30 - retire to my room with my book. Get under covers because am suddenly cold. Read 4 pages then close eyes again. Contemplate:

  • The emails I should responded to this weekend.
  • Wonder when I'll have time to respond to them.
  • And whether or not the people I haven't replied to think I'm an utter flake without an ounce of responsibility or respect.
  • Ignore ringing of phone 3 different times because of feeling too tired to have actual productive (or interesting or polite) conversation.
  • Reflect on overbooked week just past and equally-overbooked weekend and wonder when I'll "get it" and start only accepting as much as I can feasibly accomplish.
  • Consider going to bed for real.
  • Set alarm clock for 5:30 just in case.
  • Decide to check email instead.
  • Remember blog, neglected since Thursday.
  • Start writing something inane.
  • Delete what I've begun and start this list instead.
  • Discover bag of mini-candy bars remaining from fun gift bag full-o-candy given to friend for birthday, and decide I should eat some.
  • Eat one too many. Or three too many.
  • Hear someone besides myself doing dishes. Have guilt. Apparently not enough to make me go help, but enough to mention it, anyway.
9:10 - bored. Decide you prolly are too and sign off.