Latest parenting quote from sis

Sis is sleepy, since her cherub woke her at 5:30 even though they could have all happily slept in.

Lying lying on his bed, she calls me, from where she's intermittently moaning because she's so tired, playing with him, cuddling when he will, making sure he doesn't fall and break open his head or experience some other similarly inadvisable tragedy. And she's filling me in on his week. On the things he did this week. Among them, he's learning his colors. And he can now identify yellow, thanks to a set of "Cars" books Grandma and Grandpa bought him. So sitting at the counter eating a banana this week, he held it away from him, and declared, "Nana's yellow!" Brilliant, brilliant baby.

But that wasn't the point of this rambly Saturday morning post. The point was to tell you the quote, which emerged from some other things he did this week that you don't really want to read about. Trust me. So here it is:

It's funny how so much of parenting is wrapped up in getting up close and personal with the bodily fluids of another human being.

Another good one for the birth control crowd, as far as I'm concerned...