Old Stone Revue & recalled mountain music roots

When my grandmother "Sally"  died she took her music with her. Not her love for music, which she gave to us. None of the family musicians carried on the traditional bluegrass and folk she loved to sing while strumming her guitar. But my sister and I eventually discovered an appreciation for these genres. And I believe my brother still plays her guitar, so that's something, no? We've realized, during these past ten years, the oversight in not having recorded her while she played and sang. It's a tragic loss, really.

Listening to Old Stone Revue play last night wasn't at all like hearing Sally play. Their music has very little in common with hers, in fact. Didn't stop me from thinking of her when I heard a certain rhythm, noticed a certain tone in some of their pieces. The roots are intertwined...

No doubt my mental association is enhanced by having learned that band member Joe Blevins is from the area of West Virginia where my grandparents lived. I grew up hearing his last name, as there were neighbors who could perhaps be his relatives. (Small, small world.)

Let's be clear. Old Stone Revue is not your grandma's music. But if you like Americana - that blend of blue grass, country, rock, soul and everything else these versatile musicians mix into their pieces, you'll love them.

Had a little discovery, myself. Last night while basking in their rhythms, it hit me: if I have to choose between a good play, even a gallery opening, or great live music? The live music will win every, every time.  

Even though you can hear a sampling over here, (I'm very much enjoying "Silver Lining" this minute,) their CD will be out in March. Check 'em out!