Belated... Technorati Profile?

So I've used Technorati for years to search for current information regarding topics I find interesting. For some reason - likely the size of that attention span I'm always going on about - I never took the time to set up a Technorati Profile. Which is what I'm doing now. Literally - even as I write, I'm creating what is known (I've discovered,) as a "Post Claim." By posting this entry, using the instructions provided, I am claiming my blog.

Once I've posted this entry, I will continue to work on the as-of-yet undrafted narrative that will become, in time, the body of my new...Technorati Profile. For those who don't know about this little researching gem, according to the Technorati About Us page:

Technorati is the recognized authority on what's happening on the World Live Web, right now. The Live Web is the dynamic and always-updating portion of the Web. We search, surface, and organize blogs and the other forms of independent, user-generated content (photos, videos, voting, etc.) increasingly referred to as “citizen media.”

The reason I'm finally doing this has to do with garnering additional traffic to my site. It's time to promote my jewelry designs more effectively. (Which is to say, many times, at all.) Which means I should contine to work on improving my site, and do a much better job of promoting it.

Hello Technorati. Let's take a peek around. There's a lot to see...