Midweek shift

Taking a break from designing posters for upcoming events and crafting content and graphics for a new event website and asking students for help and advice on this or that idea and hunting down volunteers... I am about to go "see my senior ladies." Which is to say I'm going to roll into that senior center with a suitcase holding hundreds of thousands (surely) of beads and a room full of grandmothers and aunties are going to make something out of 'em. I haven't seen them since December and word on the street is they're not liking my absence one bit. Which has, I'm sure, as much to do with the beads as it does with me.

Moving slowly this morning, experience tells me that as much as I drag my feet, once I get there I'll be thrilled to see every one of them. At which time we'll talk and laugh and catch up on all the adventures that transpired these last few months, and I won't even recall the hesitation from this morning. Especially when I'm crawling on the floor helping someone pick up the invariably dropped cup of beads that were The Very Last Of That Color And We Have To Find Them All. These women create some really unique jewelry, and I'm keen to see what they'll make today.

Then I'll handle a little car-related errand, and I'm back here for a catchup day with a couple of long-delayed freelance projects.

Which will all be but a whirlwind of a memory tomorrow when I'm back at the school, designing and writing and digging through boxes to find the imprinted items for giveaways...

Happy  Hump Day!