Repeat it to yourself, Missy: you are a jewelry designer, not repair chick

It doesn't matter how many times I've said this to myself, I still forget and say "Yes," because for the most part I always like the people who ask, and I tend to think "What's the big deal? It's just a little old repair I could prolly do in my sleep!"

Which brings us to another weekend in which I looked over and saw the workspace filled with beads I did not purchase for my own designs, sprawling out in front of me. Where they've been sprawling for weeks.

This time,  of course, I wanted to please the lovely customer whose Mom was so thrilled with the custom piece I designed for her for Christmas, that she wondered could I maybe restring about four gajillion broken bracelets she'd had laying around for ages and ages. And so I said yes. Which is why they've been sitting here for so long. It's not that they aren't lovely pieces. I suspect that they were, once upon a time, lovely. But when someone else has created the original pieces you're trying to repair - but which no longer appear in the form you're starting from - it gets a little tricky. Because I? I would not have made the bracelets using that particular combination and quantity of beads. Some of them, sure...the beads are funky and cool and I can kinda' see where the designer was going. But even if I'd used those combos? I would not have used the quantities that have been presented to me.

So basically I've been taunting myself with these beaded puzzles for weeks, starting and stopping intermittently, giving up and forgetting about it, then feeling guilt when I run into the customer in the office (as this is where we first met,) and have to say, again, "I haven't forgotten you. I promise." But now it's been getting pretty ludicrous. Which means this weekend I've given myself the firm talking to that lead to my actual progress. If you want to call it that.

So today I'm making bracelets using combinations of beads that make no sense to me. And since I'm confident that what I've finally come up with is just wrong, I'm not finishing them off. I'm taping up the extra-long ends of the wire and when I take them back to her, I'll make sure she's happy with my choices and if she is, then I'll put the clasps on. Plus, bracelets are trickier than necklaces. You have to get the length just right, or they don't fit the wearer's wrist.

Still, I'm gonna' take them to her tomorrow. I've only got one more to go (out of the original 6 I said yes to - there were more, but they have to discuss the direction of those a bit more.) Two were already delivered, 'cause they were easy, with mere broken clasps and the pattern was already established,) and this one is nearly complete. Then I can get down to some new, fresh, funky, cool designs of my own. 'Cause there's one thing that always, always comes from working from other people's choices that are different from my own: the desire to combine my own selections of beads for my own pieces. Of course there's that little matter of how I still didn't actually write descriptions of my jewelry pieces for my Etsy Store! Remember that? Yea, maybe that should rank a little higher on the to-do list than starting on new beaded bracelets. Even ones that are as cool as what I'm imagining in my head today...