On drinking black coffee

Having written a lot about change in the first part of the year, I've been trying to go about my life differently than before. Shaking things up, getting out of some ruts...these new not-so-routine choices have brought some excitement to my year. All-in-all I'm quite pleased.

Therefore it shouldn't have come as too much of a surprise to me the morning, earlier last week, I was about to make coffee in my office and I decided today was the day to start drinking it black.  The decision came, quite literally, as if from out of the blue. As many of my favorite decisions do. You too? While I haven't even remotely craved the taste of black coffee - am, in fact, well-known to like quite a lot of cream in my coffee - I've long wanted to be able to enjoy my coffee without adding anything. I remember once when I was around 24, sitting in a late night diner with a guy I went out with a handful of times. Our coffee arrived, he started drinking his, I commented on a wish that I could do such, and he said, "Well do! Just drink it. Why wait?" Which always stayed with me - the idea that you could make a decision in a moment's notice and not look back. I did, too, but that decision wasn't lasting. Seeing as how it was, I suppose, more his decision than my own.

Fast forward 25 15!years and here we are. It can be a bit of a hassle to make sure you've always got the handy Coffee Accouterments on hand. Drinking half-and-half sure can't be good for the size of my jeans I'd like to change for the better, either. I'm sure I could list other reasons, too, but that's plenty. Plus? I like the idea of becoming more like the kind of person I most admire. And although I can't really explain why to you, I've always admired the propensity to drink coffee black.

There you have it. I think we're on day 5 or something, and I can't tell you that I love it, yet, but I don't mind as much as you might have imagined. What I'm looking for? The day I take a sip of black coffee and think, "Aah. Now that is a perfect cup of joe." I'll keep you posted...